Andrew Litchfield

Real Estate Coach


Andrew has successfully worked with people from all walks of life to help them achieve their real estate goals and dreams. He works with first time real estate investors or developers to show them the path to realizing their goals. We pride ourselves on sending the ladder down and helping as many people climb up by providing a step-by-step process. You will be able to see renovation projects real time as they increase in value through our construction process.


Roberto Green is a real estate investor in Boston, Massachusetts with more than 12 years of comprehensive expertise spanning the financial and real estate sectors. His journey commenced in Asset Management and Wealth Management Services at State Street Bank, where he honed his skills early in his career. Progressing steadily, Roberto later assumed the role of Compliance Reporting Services Officer at J.P. Morgan, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the corporate landscape.

However, Roberto’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to embark on a new path in 2018. Transitioning away from Corporate America, he seized the opportunity to pursue his passion full-time. This shift saw him take ownership of three Dominican restaurants, strategically located, including prominent locations in MIT and Harvard University.

Simultaneously, Roberto ventured into the realm of private investment, development, and mentorship in the fix-and-flip domain. With an impressive portfolio boasting over 10 managed properties, spanning regions from Ohio to Puerto Rico, Roberto’s focus has shifted towards wholesaling off-market properties to fellow investors and developers. Additionally, he actively engages in fixing and flipping his own deals, leveraging his wealth of experience and industry insights to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape with his own students and mentees.

Roberto Green

Real Estate Coach

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